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Your landscape should not only provide a comfortable, enjoyable environment for your guests, it should also reflect your personal tastes.

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Once you have your dream home, it is crucial to make it truly your own. Landscape design is often the cherry on top for homeowners, as it not only adds property value, but also creates an entertaining and lounging space that reflects an individual’s personality to the utmost extent. Agave LD’s expert team not only designs, but also constructs and installs beautiful landscapes that will make a home become your home.

Agave LD’s Landscape Design & Construction Process

Step 1: Complete Landscape Questionnaire

Upon completion of the online estimate request form, we will email you a Landscape Questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to collect as much information about your property, and your goals, prior to meeting with you. Once the questionnaire is completed, one of our expert designers will call you to set up a time ot meet at your property. This meeting usually takes place about 1-2 weeks after the form is initially filled out.

Step 2: Meeting at Your Property

We will send one of our landscape designers directly to your home. There, we will do a walkthrough of your property with you to make note of any additional requests, take pictures and measurements of areas we will be working on, and discuss the upcoming project further.

Step 3: Designing & Estimation

After the physical walkthrough process, please allow 2-3 weeks for us to develop a design and estimate for the work you are requesting. We will do a 3D rendering of the proposed work (if applicable). We will also put together all of the materials and plants we are proposing to use in one document for your approval and reference. This is how Agave LD keeps our clients informed – you will be able to clearly see what we are proposing.

Step 4: Project Presentation

We review our proposed designs and estimates in person, so that you can truly see how our work will bring your vision to life. During this second in-person meeting, we can make any necessary minor changes, as larger changes will most likely have to be done back at our office. Please allow an additional 2-3 days of turnaround time for these changes.

Step 5: Project Construction

As your landscape design and construction experts, we will work with the city and HOA to get any approvals necessary before we officially begin construction. Depending on the size and type of the project, as well as city and HOA processes that need to be completed, we are typically able to start within roughly 2-4 weeks.

Our construction team is meticulous and dedicated to bringing you the landscape of your dreams. They work closely with the designers throughout the entire installation process to ensure that each piece is installed according to plan.

Agave LD team members stay in touch with our clients during and after installation, to ensure a smooth project completion and address any additional needs our clients may have.

lawn design and construction softscaping


Softscaping is the part of a landscape that supports living material. In simple terms, softscaping includes things like flowers, plants, grass, trees, and soil. Softscaping is a crucial part of a landscape as it adds color, beauty, texture, and even privacy to a landscape. Agave LD’s experts carefully select and place softscaping elements to create a beautiful outdoor space you can enjoy year-round.


A truly complete landscape consists of more than just the greenery that makes up a typical landscape. Hardscaping includes things like masonry, retaining walls, walkways, and much more. Our professional team of landscapers will create beauty and balance with the use of hardscaping and softscaping elements, giving you the outdoor paradise of your dreams.

lawn design and construction hardscaping

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