Lawn Care Round Rock, TX Experts on Diagnosing Brown Patch and Treatment


We have noticed Brown Patch in many properties in Round Rock, TX. This Fungus  Disease can affect Zoyzia and Bermuda grass but it is mostly found in St.Augustine grass. The symptoms are pretty clear if you have it because you will start to notice irregular or circular patches of brown and yellowing grass.

Causes of Brown Patch

One of the main reasons for brown patch is over watering lawn. Watering your lawn is very important for the health of your grass but you have to adjust the timing as the seasons change. Also if you water at night it is most likely that you will have brown patch at some point. Watering has to be done in the morning to allow water to dry off and not sit on your lawn for more than 4 hours. 

Weather is also a variable because grass is more susceptible to being infected by brown patch during cool weather. Symptoms might be more noticeable during  the spring, fall, and early winter when temperatures are cool.


Irrigate only in the morning and adjust watering time depending on season. Mow your lawn low and aerate at least once a year  to allow air to move in to the root zone. Apply a two-step fungicide to treat symptoms. Once you have brown patch you can only control it but if left untreated you will eventually kill large portions of your grass.


If you want to know exactly how to treat brown patch in your lawn then please call us at 512-981-5152 or email us at

Bush and Bed Service Round Rock, TX


You may know us for offering  lawn service in Round Rock and Austin, TX.

Did you know that we also offer a Bush and Bed Service?

Our Flower Bed Maintenance service includes the following:

-Trimming Shrubs.

-Pulling large weeds.

-Spraying Weed killer to smaller weeds.

A beautiful lawn goes hand in hand with well trimmed shrubs and weed-free Flower beds. Our team is trained to properly identify plants, trees, and shrubs in order to take proper care of them. They have spent countless hours practicing this skill and improving their abilities to make your flower beds look as best as possible.

We offer a Monthly Flower Bed service or a on-call Flower Bed Service to our clients who are signed up for Lawn Maintenance.

Please call us at 512-981-5152 or fill out our estimate request form  today!


Lawn Service Round Rock, TX Summer Season Tips


Summer season is here and that means hot temperatures. Most of us are ready for outdoor fun activities such as pool parties, BBQs, or enjoying our favorite ice cream. That being said you can still have a beautiful lush, green, and healthy lawn during the summer heat by following a few tips. Agave LD Lawn Care is here to help you with any questions you might have.


-Always water deeply and infrequently.

-Water 2-3 times per week.

-Start the watering cycle at 4 am -5 am giving the system enough time to go trough all the zones before 10 am which is when the heat start to elevate. 

-Run each zone 5-15 minutes (depends on soil type and size of area being watered).

-Always check your water restrictions of your area before you do any changes to your irrigation schedule.


-Never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blades on each mowing.

-If you cut too low you can expose the grass root system to the hot sun causing it to look dry and allowing weeds to take over.

-Most lawns here in the area of Round Rock and Austin we cut at a height of 2.5"-3.5". Bermuda grass is cut shorter than St.Augustine grass.

-The only way to maintain a lawn at a proper height is to mow on a weekly basis during the growing season. This allows you to follow the golden rule of only cutting 1/3 off the grass blades per mow.

-Keep blades sharp for every cut.


-Do not over Fertilize.

-Use the correct herbicides to target specific weeds either grassy or broad leaf.

-Use organic Fertilizers as much as possible.

If you follow these three simple tips you can be sure to have a beautiful lawn this summer season. If you have any questions please call Agave LD Lawn Care at 512-981-5152. 


Landscaping Austin Texas by Agave LD.


Most recent Landscape install in Austin Texas at Meridian Subdivision.

Agave LD does more than just Lawn Maintenance, Landscape Maintenance, and Lawn Care. We also provide Landscape Design and Installation.  We have worked with many people in Meridian subdivision and in this blog post we will demonstrate our most recent landscape installation in Austin, Texas at Meridian.

Every installation is different and that is why we name each of our landscapes. This landscape installation is called Alophia Residence in Austin (Meridian Subdivision)

Details: Our client had a drainage issue that was causing a real problem in their backyard. There was also a necessary clean-up because not enough sunshine could get through the unnecessary trees (we only kept the Live Oaks). This backyard needed to become more usable and also needed to accommodate the natural flow of water through the terrain. We also had to keep in mind that our client had a pet so we incorporated enough space for it to still be able to have fun. 

Before Picture (the clean-up was already performed)

Before Picture (the clean-up was already performed)

Before Picture

Before Picture

Agave LD Proposed Design:


Agave LD Solution: We placed catch basins in key places throughout the backyard to capture as much water as possible. Then we created a functional dry creek where all the water could flow through. We also re-sodded the right side of the backyard with Zoysia where the pet could still have plenty of space to run around. We also installed a crushed granite gravel path leading to a sitting area where the homeowners could enjoy their beautiful new landscape. Behind the dry creek we planted Texas native plants such as Blue Agaves, Red Yuccas, Mexican Feather Grass, Purple Heart, and Bicolor Iris. The homeowner couldn't be happier with the end result.



Let us help you with your next outdoor project!

Agave LD: Lawn Care in Austin and Round Rock, Texas.


Why should you hire Agave LD to perform their Lawn Care service at your property if you live in Austin and Round Rock, Texas?

Agave LD is a full service company which means we perform the following services and much more; Landscape Design/Install, Lawn Maintenance, Landscape Maintenance,Lawn Care (Fertilization/Weed Control). We offer the following three different lawn care programs to best fit your needs: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. To see what other clients have been saying about our services click here.

We will be at your property more often than any other lawn care company. 

You already hire us for lawn maintenance and/or landscape maintenance, so we will be at your property on a consistent basis. We are more likely to tend any issue that arises faster than any other lawn care company since they will possibly only visit you once a month, if that. 

How fun is it to deal with different companies to do different services needed at your property?

We want to enhance your lifestyle by giving you the quality of work and the peace of mind that you deserve. We do not want you to worry about a single thing when you hire us. Leave the work to us. We are true professionals and we love making our clients happy. We have the perfect service for any work that has to do with the outdoors. There is no need to look further or have a headache trying to deal with so many different service companies because we do it all.

We have the flexibility to  schedule your lawn care application visits perfectly since we also do the scheduling for your Lawn Maintenance and/or Landscape Maintenance.

This point is really important because exact timing in between Mowing and Lawn Care applications is necessary. There is no way of doing this if you have different companies for these two services. This is the only way to ensure optimal results for your lawn and since you are paying for it, you deserve the greenest, healthiest, and weed-free lawn. 

Our products are only bought from the best Vendors in Austin and Round Rock, Texas.

We will never apply something that is not safe for your lawn and family. The products that we buy are scientifically proven to give results. All of our clients have enjoyed the results of the  products that we apply. 


Your regularly scheduled mowing could be complemented with one of our superior Lawn Care Programs, which would ensure a healthier, greener, fuller lawn.

If you’ve ever wanted your yard to look like a little piece of paradise, click here, call us  512-981-5152, or email us at and schedule your Lawn Care Program of choice!







Agave LD: Mulching in Austin and Round Rock, Tx.


Why is Agave LD the company you should hire to mulch your flower beds if you live in Austin and Round Rock, Texas? 

Why is mulching important?

How frequently should you mulch your flower beds?

How much mulch is necessary?

This post will address the previous questions.

Agave LD is a full service company which means we perform the following services and much more; Landscape Design/Install, Lawn Maintenance, Landscape Maintenance, Lawn Care (Fertilization/Weed Control). Mulching is another service we offer because you cannot have the most beautiful and healthy flower beds without mulch. The mulch we install only comes from the best vendors here in Austin and Round Rock, Texas. When you hire us to install mulch at your property you can be sure you are only getting the best product there is.

Mulching at least once each year is recommended to insure your plants have proper protection against harsh temperatures. It also helps keep down those annoying weeds that are pain to see in your flower beds. This material also provides excellent ground cover for plants to hold in moisture. My favorite reason and for most homeowners is that mulch really makes your flower beds pop with a beautiful contrast with the rest of your Landscape.

Too much Mulch and you create the perfect environment for fungus and other harmful issues to your plants. Too little Mulch and you defeat the purpose of proper coverage. We always install mulch at a depth of 3" which is the perfect amount. 

To receive a free estimate click here, call us at 512-981-5152, or email us at







Why would you choose Agave LD to be your lawn care service provider if you live in Austin and Round Rock, Texas?


You might ask yourself; how is Agave LD different than all the rest of the other lawn care companies in Austin and Round Rock, Texas? This post will go over just a few reasons why you should hire Agave LD.

We will always respond to your phone calls or emails, immediately or within 24 hours.

          We know how frustrating it is to not have proper communication and that is why we make communication with us easy.

Our Crew Members are professionals at what they do.

          If you are paying for a professional service to be performed to your property, then you deserve only the most skilled people for that job. That is why Agave LD’s crew members are only hired if they have 10+ years in the lawn care industry. You can have total peace of mind that your property is taken care of by experts.

Advanced Payment Method

          Everybody is busy and we understand that keeping up with invoices is a hassle. That is why Agave LD charges your credit card after each service. That way you can spend more time doing things that truly matter to you. 

Agave LD is a full Lawn Service Company.

          No need to waste time searching and dealing with different lawn service companies to do different tasks at your property because Agave LD provides them all. Agave LD offers the following services and more; Lawn Maintenance, Landscape Maintenance, and Lawn Care (Fertilization/Weed Control).  

No Contracts

          Agave LD understands that contracts are not fun. Nobody likes to be trapped in a contract especially if the service performed is not satisfactory. That is why Agave LD offers agreements that you can cancel at any time. 

Our Guarantee

Our "No-Hassle, No-Excuses, NO-NONSENSE, You'll Love it OR We'll Pay For it!" GUARANTEE...

"You must be absolutely delighted by our services!!! If for any reason, or no reason at all, you feel you're not absolutely, positively 100% happy with our work, WE WON'T BE HAPPY EITHER. That means WE WILL NOT REST until we make it right. We will immediately send our team to fix the problem no questions asked… If it's still not good enough we will pay a competitor of your choosing to fix it for you… That is how strongly we believe you will love what we do. Let us prove it to you!" – Edwin & Erik Carranza, Founders of Agave LD, LLC

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